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About Tiro

NGO in South Lebanon based on volunteering , registered under No. 2633,aims to create free and independent cultural spaces in Lebanon and is carrying out various cultural activities, including International theater, film and musical festivals, theater workshops, film shows and exhibitions .

Festivals open calls

The launch of the Tiro International Art Festival in its fourth session from 11 to 14 December 2021

Lebanon International Theater Festival for Storytellering under the slogan “The Mermaid Tales” from 9 to 10 October

Palestine Cultural Days Festival under the slogan for freedom from 30 to 31 October

open calls for workshops

Tiro Art Professional announces the start of his training workshops

Soap production workshop

Documentary film making workshop

Workshop to Learn to play the drums and the darbuka

Colors workshop for puppets, art of storytelling and handicrafts

Dabke and Folklore workshop for children

Tiro is Looking for volunteers from outside of Lebanon

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